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The internet-of-things had plated a host of interior designs inspirations which are easily accessed by the click of a few buttons. Pinterest and public Facebook are examples of social media groups which are home to artistic individuals with DIY designs or for world-renowned designers to showcase their masterpiece. Without a doubt, interior design is an industry that had faced a meteoric progression in recent years, from leveraging on the constant development of webpages and the increasing interconnectedness of designers and consumers.

Despite the availability of striking artworks and complements of interior colours as advertised by inspirational online bloggers or marketers, all of us has a budget in mind that we adhere to responsibly. A farmhouse theme could easily rake up to a 6-figure sum for an over-zealous homeowner who wants to perform a full re-decoration. On the other hand, homeowners who are content with minimalist designs could source for options that are priced from as low as S$5,000. Subjected to our willingness to invest in our living quarters and our renovation preference, the extensiveness of online marketplace contains home design options which are catered to our peculiar needs.

Visualize and materialize
Akin to fashion trends, home designs have been topping internet search results. McDonald themed interiors, a galactic spaceship mockup or even a living room wallpaper to relive a cinematic field; the possibilities span from one end of a spectrum to another. To say the least, these are merely a few noteworthy feats that have been making waves on community news service and social media. Whatever that can be visualized will be materialized with the right designer and budget in place.

Today, interior design is making a progressive move towards a homeowner’s fondness for minimalistic and Scandinavian reworks. For the adventurous and thrill-seeking individuals, farmhouse or rustic designs can be hand-picked through a gallery of gorgeous looking renovations online. Let us be at your service in discovering the hidden gems of interior wonders that you never knew existed. We will bombard you with designers, home reworks, and historical pricing for you to choose the most appropriate option that fits your budget range. Your journey to perfecting your long-awaited dream home begins here!

Aesthetic or functionality, or both?
Have you experienced that sense of admiration from glancing through galleries of home designs? Our engrossment is such unworldly artworks inspires us to engage interior designers who could surpass the constraints of our artistic capabilities – to recreate the unfathomable. It strikes our sense of sight by steering away from the typical home designs that carry a mundane atmosphere.

On the other hand, our selection of interior designers has underscored the balance between aesthetics and functionality. By creating the best of both worlds, it ensures a clutter-free and practical home environment which infuses a captivating home ambience. For instance, the installation of lamps permeates sufficient lighting which improves our mood. Pairing wall lights and LED bulbs together with a minimalistic choice of design creates an ideal study space.
Typically, home design blogs will make a comparison between aesthetics or functionality. However, this does not mean that we cannot achieve a balance between both, rather than aiming for one extreme and neglecting the other. Approach our interior designers who will spoil you with options alongside unbiased price quotes to meet your budget range.

Where should I start?
Like the saying goes “Each of us is the sole inhabitant of our planet”. Our perception of interior designs greatly differs from our friends, families, or even colleagues. As mentioned above, the options available in today’s market are boundless, ranging from minimalistic choices to farmhouses for those who prefer a countryside-like feel. Now that we are spoilt by choices, the modern-day dilemma presents itself: Which interior design will be best suited for me?

For a start, there a few locally recognized certifications that can provide you with an ease of mind in craftsmanship quality assurance. Selecting a CaseTrust firm ensures safe dealing with companies who uphold fair trading and transparent policies while an RCMA certified firm protects your deposits from liquidation, closure, or winding up.
Next, take a close examination of your interior designer’s work history and portfolio of completed home designs. Your perfect idea of a home or an exclusive design on Pinterest may require a more premium designer who has a proven track record in this industry.

Just a quick tip: Similar to musicians, interior designers have their unique design styles and planning methods. After all, interior designers are humans who come in all shapes and sizes. A lump-sum payment might lure an inexperienced designer into undertaking your design project despite their lack of experience in a specific style or concept.

Why choose us?
To the uninformed, interior design is an optional home decoration to improve the aesthetics of their living spaces. Behind the false interpretation of the word ‘design’ from being linked to purely aesthetic reasons, interior designs are essential in improving homeowners living experience by decluttering spaces and improving the functionality of living quarters, leading to a higher quality of life in homeowners’ comfort zones.

We will compare across several interior designers by filtering your budget range, property type, preferred design styles to obtain the most suitable option for your one-of-a-kind needs.

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Yes, all interior designers have undergone a background check by our team. Rest assured that these providers uphold a high standard of artistry quality.

We will link you up with our premium interior designers list, who have their unique specializations of patterns, design styles, colours, alongside a gallery of past home revamps. In the end, the responsibility of ensuring a tiptop design lies on you. Approach those who have secured certifications and successful endeavours with past clients.

Yes, a quote request is completely free. We will align your interest with reputable designers based on the details provided.

Have your design objectives, budgets, concerns, and other needs in mind. An image of the interior designer’s past works would help facilitate the agreement of your chosen design.

• Avoid upfront payments.
• Look for a CaseTrust and/or RCMA certified firm
• Visit the firm’s website to access their portfolios
• Do not limit yourself to first-party reviews on the company’s website. Examine third-party review for un unbiased feedback from past customers.