Payday Loan


Why do we need a payday loan?
Singapore is an epitome of a workaholic culture. From scaling the long-winded education ladder to climbing the corporate hierarchy starting from a ground employee with minimal skills. We practice a culture of meritocracy which subjects those with the hunger to succeed into a vigorous and gradual process of step-by-step recognition in this wicked dog-eat-dog society.

However, despite expending our energy to derive a consistent source of income, life is still full of surprises. Unfortunately, there are instances where we need to seek essential home repairs such as a broken marble flooring, a late payment on your child’s education, or other unforeseen cases that burns a hole in your wallet. Worse comes to worst, you are so tight on cash that drawing funds from your depleted bank account would lead to an overdraft and subsequently, puts a dent on your credit score if left unresolved.

Our payday loan is a fuss-free, virtually instant cash payout service that helps you get out of a financial pickle.

Breakaway from the negative stigmas
To the public’s eye, payday loans are under a family tree of ‘debt traps’ that consumes people with fast-cash solutions and carry absurd interest rates. From mainstream media to financial advisors, payday loans are labelled as a threat to an individual’s financial security in the long-term. As a firm that believes in transparency and the financial well-being of our customers, we agree that payday loan brings a myriad of shortcomings.

Despite the negative aura surrounding payday loans, why are we still actively marketing its usage? To put it simply, it is catered for individuals who have expended all available efforts and resources to fund their short-term cashflow needs. For example, you’ve weighed the charges of a bank overdraft, considered borrowing from friends & families, and even went to the extent of selling your personal possessions to fund your financial obligations. This is where payday loans come into rescue – as a last resort financial relief to prevent the spiral of additional fees from late payments.

Our payday loans come with the following benefits:
1. Virtually instant approvals – We treat our payday loans as an emergency distress option, and we hope that our clients see the same. As a result, we have streamlined the approval process, while adhering to strict regulations by MinLaw to resolve your financial distress.

2. Convenient and straightforward process – While in anguish or a tormented state from outstanding financial obligations, the last thing you’ll want is a complicated approval process that requires mountains of documentations and follow-up phone calls. Please view the Eligibility FAQ for a list of documents that we require from salaried or self-employed individuals.

Let us guide you
According to a particular source from the Microcredit Summit Campaign, 25% of payday loans are re-borrowed 9 times or more. More tellingly, 75% of customers are those that have used payday loan at least once.

These data provide a shocking discovery – individuals are trapped in the endless cycle of exponential interest rates months after months, from relying too heavily on payday loans. It is almost like a food addiction whereby people can’t seem to close the cracker box after promising oneself that each piece is his/her last. It might be a tremendous stretch, but payday loan may be akin to a gaming/drug addiction as well. Indisputably, the problem is at large in our present society, and we are here to help.

Our financially savvy team have had first-hand experiences dealing with clients who are consumed in the payday loan cycle. Although we can comprehend the importance of payday loans for some, but like every other thing – placing high reliance on payday loans will be detrimental towards your financial well-being.

As licensed professionals in the field, we are keen to hear your financial despairs to devise an appropriate escape plan. Putting emphasis on benevolence, our licensed professionals will be transparent in suggesting practical options that target the root of your problem.

Why Choose Us? (payday loan)
A payday loan could potentially ignite a vicious cycle of being unable to repay your debts from over-reliance of its early cash payout benefit. We understand your vulnerabilities as well as firms’ wicked approaches of worsening a client’s already steepening addiction to payday loans.

We will compare across both financial institutions and license moneylenders to derive the best quote for you.

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Salaried individuals
• Identity Card (NRIC)
• Bank Statement (For the last 3 months)
• Latest payslip
• For newly employed individuals, please present your letter of employment (optional)

Self-employed individuals
• Identity Card (NRIC)
• Bank Statement (For the last 3 months)
• ACRA document (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority)
• Notice of assessment
Note: The above list is non-exhaustive. Our customer service representative will contact you if additional documents are required.

It will take less than an hour to have your payday loan approved. After all, it is to satisfy your ongoing urgent/emergency cash needs.

Under strict regulation by MinLaw, Licensed Moneylender are required to update your credit profile at moneylender credit bureau .
Should you decide to apply for a massive loan figure, please ensure that you are financially capable of repaying the amount when before it is due.

Under stringent regulations imposed by the Ministry of Law, a loan ceiling is put in place to avoid over-reliance on payday loans. The following cap are as entails:
• For individuals who earn less than S$20,000 annually: You are entitled to a maximum loan amount of S$3,000.
• For individuals who earn more than S$20,000 annually: You are entitled to a loan cap of 6 times your monthly salary.
Note: The loan amount entitled to each individual excludes interest expenses and other fees incurred.

Our interest rates vary across your desired loan amount and repayment term of your choice. But to put it bluntly – our fast cash solution comes with a hefty fee.
Please play your part as a responsible individual by taking into account your lifestyle and other recurring financial obligations aside from your payday loan repayments.
Liaise with one of our financial experts. We will utilise a loan calculator to derive the exact interest rates pertaining to your loan requirement.