Car Insurance


Get the self-assurance you need
Sadly, road accidents are inevitable – even with the most careful drivers taking the wheel. Having insurance acts as a self-assurance towards the unpredictable that neither you nor I can anticipate. Protection ranging from coverage of a small crack in your windshield to the unfortunate injury/death towards a pedestrian; whatever it is, we got you covered from head to toe.

As vehicle owners, you are insured by the most fundamental Third-Party Only (TPO) insurance, a mandatory undertaking for all vehicles. However, is this enough to cover the exorbitant cost of cars which could leave you in financial poverty for the next few months or even years? Let us give you a detailed comparison of our insurance options for you to consider.

1. Comprehensive motor insurance
This is the highest form of insurance that you can get. A comprehensive motor insurance provides extensive coverage that is not limited to the following:
• Towing: From punctured tires, accidental collisions on the highway to overheated engines. The reasons for a car breakdown are almost infinite and could cause a whole lot of inconvenience, especially on the highway.

• Windscreen or window damage: Hard debris in the form of road pebbles or gravels are unavoidable objects which will leave you with a painstakingly high fee for a cracked screen.

• Damages to others’ property: It might be a collision or a small scratch. Car accidents which involve the expense of others’ property will be covered .

• Damages to own vehicle: Whether it is your own or others’ fault, we have you covered .

• Vandalism: Some people just have the bona fide motive to cause grievance/pain to others. We got you covered even in situations of intentional damage.

2. Third-Party Fire and Theft
• Damage/losses incurred from fire or theft: Unlike a basic Third Party Only coverage, we will insure you up to the market value of your vehicle, for any damages caused under this category.

• Towing: We will cover the towing cost of your vehicle (Only applicable for damages caused by fire or theft).

The distinct features of each car insurance plan are a mind-boggling task for vehicle owners like yourself. Choosing a cheaper policy is a high-risk undertaking with low rewards, and vice versa with a comprehensive coverage.
For car owners who had purchased their vehicle with a loan, a comprehensive plan is usually a mandatory undertaking to avoid a financially stricken scenario from forking out hefty repair or replacements costs.
On the contrary, if your vehicle is nearing the COE life cycle of 10 years, a basic Third Party Only or Third-Party Fire and Theft coverage would suffice. You wouldn’t want to spend the additional hundreds of dollars on a vehicle that is heavily depreciated.

Are you looking for more protection?
Apart from our comprehensive car insurance plan, there is a myriad of follow-up costs in the event of a car accident or breakdown. We offer a range of additional features to insure both you and your vehicle from other expenses. These are listed below:
• Loss of use: While your car is still being repaired at the shop, this insurance will discharge a fixed amount per day to cover your daily transport needs. See it as an allowance to ameliorate the inconvenience in your travelling activities.

• NCD protector: A No-Claim Discount (NCD) is a discount on insurance premiums that are based on your driving history and number of claims made. The percentage of NCD will increase by 10% year-on-year if no claims are made, and is capped at 50% on the 5th year. Applying for a claim will result in a drop in 30% of your NCD.

NCD protector will safeguard your NCD level, potentially saving you a tremendous sum of money incurred from higher insurance premiums in the future. At a low cost of 10% on your premium, your NCD level will be immune despite submitting your first insurance claim.

• Additional coverage: From having the freedom to choose your preferred workshop to repair your car to overseas insurance coverage. Whatever features you are looking for, we have it.

Insurance premiums carry an ill-tainted title for its expensive price tags. Articles and questions-and-answers websites are bashing insurance providers for blemishing driving records and charging higher premiums for seemingly trivial issues.

As a certified firm who had undergone the vigorous routine checks by the Ministry of Law, we differentiate ourselves from money-hungry insurance providers who resort to devious tactics to victimize naïve customers.

Why Choose Us? (Car insurance)
The multitudes of car insurance options provided by insurance firms in today’s market create a modern-day dilemma of indecisiveness for us end-users. Despite the increasing competitiveness which pushes the prices of insurance plans down, additional benefits offered by one firm and lower prices offered by another causes us to second guess our choices.

Leveraging on our long-standing presence in these industries, let us perform a quick comparison of all the available insurance plans in the market, to derive the cheapest and most relevant quote to your specialised needs.

Let us link you to exceptional firms with a proven track record in insurance dealings, while shying away from fishy businesses which aim to rip you off your hard-earned salaries.

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In the event of an accident, please obtain the following information:
• Time and place of the accident
• Photos or video recordings of the accident. Remember to capture pictures of the entire scene, damages, license plates of collided vehicles, skid marks, car debris, or other information to support your claim
• Details of the tow truck company (to claim tow expenses, if covered under the insurance plan)
• Names and contact information from on-site witnesses (if available)
File an accident report within 24 hours to avoid an additional 10% deduction on your NCD.

Towing service is included in our comprehensive plan or Third-Party Fire and Theft package.

We offer a choice between our authorized workshops or a workshop of your choice (at an additional premium). As we cannot accurately estimate the price of other workshops, you will have to pay more to assign your car to a preferred workshop.

Yes, your NCD is transferable. However, the NCD protector obtained by a separate insurer will be non-transferrable.

Furthermore, you have to declare previous accidents or claims that occurred while under an NCD protector.

• Driving instructors using their car for teaching purposes
• Cars used in the entertainment industry (E.g. for the purpose of performing stunts)
If you are using your car for a specific profession, please enquire with our representatives to check on your eligibility for our car insurance packages.