Lowest interest rates on all types of loans.



Get the cheapest quotes for the best coverage here.


Interior designers

Get the best quotation for your home interior design.



Worry no more for your renovation.



Find the lowest interest rates for your personal loan. We will pass their case to all the bank and moneylenders and give you the best rate to chose.


Tailor Made Loan

Tell us the interest rate, duration and amount you wish, we will see if anyone want to accept the offer.

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Life insurance

Life Insurance is important. Get the cheapest quotes for the best coverage here.


    Car Insurance

    Car Insurance in Singapore is mandatory, but paying more than you should for it is not. Get the cheapest quotes for the best coverage here.


    Interior Design

    We will compare across several interior designers by filtering your budget range, property type, preferred design styles to obtain the most suitable option for your one-of-a-kind needs.

    About Plan4u

    We come from all walks of life. We aim to fulfil your needs through seamless connections with our partners. Building on our already diverse team of professionals with financial knowhows, insurance partners, and interior designers with a rainbow of portfolios, we would like to extend a helping hand towards those who are entering their next phase of life.

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