About Us

About Us

Our mission
To break free from the negative connotation surrounding moneylending and insurance firms – by leveraging on our professional expertise to provide responsible quotations from our long-standing partners.
Our mission is positioned to be aligned around your values, not just ours alone. We seek to offer financial guidance in the most transparent manner, by explicitly stating all the administrative and ‘hidden’ costs, to ensure an unclouded agreement by both you and our partners.

Get your life-changing needs here
We come from all walks of life. We aim to fulfil your needs through seamless connections with our partners. Building on our already diverse team of professionals with financial knowhows, insurance partners, and interior designers with a rainbow of portfolios, we would like to extend a helping hand towards those who are entering their next phase of life.

Fair treatment: With a customer-oriented mindset, we put you in front of us by acting in your best interest. Our customer support team and filtering functions will sieve through hundreds of firms stored in our database to fit your needs.

Zero-tolerance on unfair practices: Despite taking the necessary precautions, there are still unethical practices adopted by firms who mask themselves under professional licenses. Please report our partners by emailing to . We place an unwavering stance on ensuring ethical practices by all our partners. All reports will be investigated to derive the root of your concerns.

Unfaltering support: We offer multiple channels for you to reach us. Based on your preference, you can access our live chat here or email us at to enquire. Even in times of inaccessibility such as the Covid-19 pandemic, we could arrange a private zoom call to respond to your concerns.

Keep you on the right track: We understand that certain loan schemes can be addictive. For instance, the payday loan was studied to have trapped millions of working adults under its vicious cycle of monthly advance cash payments with soaring interest rates. As our valued customers, we are more than happy to disseminate our financial savviness to steer you away from a financially disastrous path.

Full transparency: A handful of our customers had fallen prey to unscrupulous moneylenders in the past. We understand your scepticism from the pervasiveness of such services in the industry and are devoted to securing your faith in the legitimacy of our services. All administrative, processing and other fees will be transparently listed to give you a complete overview of what you’re in for.

Established in 2011, we have evolved continuously over the years by introducing an improved filtering system and newly verified partners to thrive in a network of seamless consumer-business connections.
Despite having our finances planned out a few years ahead, life obstacles may appear out of the blue to hinder us from realizing our pre-planned goals. Make us your go-to platform to overcome your financial hurdles, simplify your insurance choices, and to make your fantastical home within an arm’s reach. As cliché as it sounds, view us a stepping stone or an emergency assistance towards immediate cashflow needs that blocks your path. An enquiry or consultation with us is free. Let us help you spread your wings and connect with our reliable partners that cater to your diverse preferences and budget range.

Do not fall prey to internet fraud
As part of our efforts towards transparency in the ill-tainted moneylending industry, we aim to both educate our consumers on the devious methods employed by unlicensed competitors while providing viable options to secure your trust in us.
The rapid advancement of today’s digital age has given rise to cyberhackers who disguise themselves as licensed firms to trick customers into providing confidential details. In an effort to tackle this problem, our team is willing to do video calls with the more careful clients who would like further assurance.
In addition, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) has reported a staggering 20 per cent increase in harassment activities employed by unlicensed moneylenders from 2017 to 2018. These unscrupulous parties understate interest rates and overstate payout options to entice the vulnerable to opt for their services. Besides, there are firms who will falsely advertise debt consolidation plans without keeping their end of the promise. In a less extreme case, illegal weekly loans may be a marketed option for salaried individuals to draw on a faster income source to meet their immediate cash flow needs. These are merely a few disappointing methods by corrupted firms to rob you off your hard-earned cash.

Our Partners are Ministry of Law (MinLaw) certified
Clamping down on illegal money lending is tough. The methods devised by unlicensed individuals, referred to as loan sharks or locally termed, ‘Ah Longs’, are ever-changing to escape from law enforcement. A quick search on The Straits Times news tag on ‘Moneylending – illegal’ would bombard you with a list of recent unlicensed moneylending activities, often targeted at foreign workers. Despite SPF’s efforts to raise awareness from poster ads on neighbourhood lift lobby billboards to having their drama series to accommodate the television-viewers, unlicensed moneylending harassments are still on the rise.
In 2019 alone, the SPF had reported a shocking 1,700 cases with at least S$6.8 million cheated in total, all from unlicensed money lending activities. Perpetuators would exploit the less digital savvy with SMS threats by disguising themselves under licensed firms to purposefully defraud the unsuspecting locals with fake loan scams.

Spot the red flags
To protect yourself, please visit the link here for a list of licensed moneylenders as listed on MinLaw’s website. In addition, do take note of the following:
1. Licensed Moneylender will only perform the approval process and verification of your documents at their office.
2. There will be no upfront payment of administrative fees. It will be directly deducted from your principal loan amount. An upfront request of an administrative fee is a common tactic used by scammers or unlicensed moneylenders to cheat your money.
3. Licensed Moneylender are not allowed to send any unsolicited text messages or make any cold calls to advertise our services.