Renovation Installment Plan

Renovation Installment Plan


At FirstStan Capital, we collaborate with many reputable shops on different types of home accessories, such as bathroom accessories, lighting, flooring and more, making it easier for homeowners to achieve their dream home through an installment plan.

We also work with multiple reliable lenders for the installment plan, providing a cost effective solution with interest rate from as low as 3.28% per annum. We aim to serve homeowners in the best way possible for them to achieve their dream home.

 3 Easy Step To Apply

1. Call us to get an estimated in principle approval amount.

2. Head down to the shop to choose the items that you like for your home.

3. Get the invoice and we will arrange you to drop by the lender’s business premises to get the loan approval.

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We have all relished at the opportunity to improve and decorate our home in one way or another. After all, home is where we spend most of our time in. It is only right that we want it to look great and feel comfortable.

However, one of the significant challenges many homeowners face is securing enough funds for home renovation or with purchasing essential bathroom accessories, lighting, toiletries, flooring and more. As the average home upgrade or renovation can cost at least thousands of dollars, it is easy to see why many homeowners do not have the funds required to realise their dream home.

If you are looking to make considerable changes to your living conditions and you are tight on cash, then taking out an installment plan is the better option in improving your financial situation and achieving the desired improvements for your home.

What is an installment plan?

An installment plan has many purposes, and one of them is to help in financing your purchase of home accessories. An installment plan is often the best option for many homeowners as unlike other loans such as a personal loan, an installment plan does not come with high interest rates. With our installment plan, we offer specific plans that can aid you in purchasing home accessories, such as bathroom accessories, flooring, lighting and more.

Reasons why people need an installment plan

A dream home is often a hefty sum that many homeowners have to fork out. Whether it is plans to improve upon flooring, bathroom accessories, or a full home makeover, the average cost needed can exceed the desired budget of any homeowner. With an installment plan, financial aid is offered to homeowners, allowing them to upgrade their home to their heart’s desires. An installment plan can also curb any financial worries that homeowners may have when it comes to renovating their home. This makes an installment plan a solution to a significant problem for many homeowners: the cost of renovation.

There are plenty of ways an installment plan can be ideal. For many homeowners, they look at areas in their home that they wish to improve or upgrade, allowing them to shape their dream home further. Here are a few essential things to note when it comes to improving or upgrading your home.

  1. Types of renovation

Home renovation can be described in many different ways, from small adjustments to full transformations. The most prominent types of renovations are for certain rooms, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, as well as renovation for expansion of space such as a new bedroom within the home. These types of renovations are often seen as the most common, as homeowners look to update certain rooms, furnish, and improve upon it.

Renovation can also be seen as a way to add even more space into your home, which can be helpful for homeowners expecting growing families. Depending on the scale and the type of your renovation, the costs may increase.

  1. Toiletries accessory

Many homeowners renovate their bathroom for a variety of reasons. Some seek to beautify it while others seek to upgrade it. With toiletries accessory, there are homeowners that seek both. Implementing toiletries accessory for home renovation can come in different forms, such as turning basins into different designs like wall-mounted, on countertops, under-counter, and more.

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, they can also come in many different ways. For instance, with the addition of new sinks and shower heads, installation of towel hooks or bars, and many more. Other accessories of bathroom renovation also include additional lighting and adding more room for manoeuvrability.

  1. Flooring

When it comes to flooring, there are plenty of different designs suited for different themes, styles, and housing. For instance, durable flooring options for renovating your living rooms include marble flooring, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, linoleum flooring and vinyl flooring. All flooring options offer ways for homeowners to pick and choose according to the theme of their dream home.

It is also important to note that each flooring comes with a cost per square feet. Some expensive flooring types include hardwood flooring, cement screed flooring, and marble flooring.

  1. Lighting

With proper lighting, your dream home can look spacious, clean, and gorgeous all at once. This is why planning for specific lighting is important, as it can help to illuminate darker areas or help you around the house where an extra light can be a lifesaver. To ensure that you can properly identify the lights for use, there are 3 types of lighting to consider. They are general use for main illumination, task lighting for reading and cooking, and accent lighting to highlight certain parts of your home, such as showing off cool collectables or art pieces.